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I am an electronics engineer who has had a keen interest in electronics since I was given a crystal set for my 7th birthday.

With the help of my father we assembled the coil, the tuning capacitor, diode (no not a cat’s whisker) etc. we strung an antenna from a tree in the back garden to a chimney near my room, in through the window to my crystal set. We also ran the requisite ground wire down through the floor. It worked, I had countless hours of fun listening to the local radio stations.

over the years I was given lots of things that kept my interest alive. I had a built in desk in my room which was always covered with bits of wire half finished projects and other bits and pieces.

Once I completed secondary school I we on to University and studied electronics. Since then for the

last fourty three years I have worked in electronics which included almost two years in the armed forces.

I  have seen the industry move from valves (vacuum tubes) to transistors integrated circuits and ever more powerful microprocessors.

my current focus is on building automation and to some extent the Internet of things.

At the time of writing I am close to retiring from full time employment   I will continue to ‘play ‘ with electronics and

play electronics.

I will continue to update this new version of my blog and publish my thoughts on the electronics industry.

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