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Fault Finding

From: $10.00

We repair hobby PCBs, IOT Boards, Monitoring Boards etc.

Not domestic (Radios, Stereos TVs etc) products.

You can post them to us, include your address, phone & email we will email you when they arrive.and will send a quote prior to repair.



PCB fault finding is a service we offer.Generally our service is aimed at the DIY boards, it doesn’t matter if you bought a kit and assembled it yourself or you purchased an assembled kit such as an Arduino/Genuino an ESP8266 or one of the other wide range of boards, we will fix it if it is economic to do so. Be prepared to spend up to 15 minutes talking about the problem so that we have a good understanding of the problem. Your first 15 minutes is complementary then we charge for labour, and materials.

Unless the item is sent by mail/courier, you need to book a time to bring the product in for repair so that we can spend some time with you uninterrupted.


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