Seeed Studio DSO Nano

Seeed Studio DSO Nano I recently purchased a DSO Nano from Little Bird Electronics, partly because I like tech toys, partly because it is an open source device, meaning that I have access to the software and hardware details, and partly because it looked like it could be a quite useful piece of test equipment. The DSO […]

Saleae ‘Logic’ Logic Analyser

Saleae ‘Logic’ Logic Analyser A while back I had the need of a logic analyser, and as my philosophy buy rather than borrow or hire, I looked around the web. During my travels, I came across a small unit made by a company called Saleae. This unit as it turned out, was exactly what I was […]

Latest try for WordPress

Well this is an experimental site for me to learn WordPress. Once I have this site up and running to my satisfaction I will move it over to my current site maccas-place. Well, I will publish this and see how I go.