2018 Is Coming

Hi all, Well I haven’t been very active over the last 12 months. However I plan to do better this coming year. I have ordered several products from Itead who have a very interesting range of products available at an amazingly low cost. Once they arrive I will test them, and write a review.At present […]

Monitoring the Gas Hot Water

Our new home is well under way, and I am looking at monitoring various parts of the house and systems. The first I am looking at is the gas storage hot water service. With the hot water system, I want to monitor the water flow, gas flow and the temperature at the top and bottom […]

Portable Power Supply

Well it has been quite a while since I posted anything on this subject. What with the house move and building a new home, I haven’t had a lot of time, and finding things is rather difficult. Testing the first prototype showed a couple of straight out errors. However the processor interface to the output […]

Comset 685T-W

Because I am moving into rental accommodation whilst our new home is being built, I needed a solution that would enable me to connect my ‘home’ network (which is mainly wired) to the mobile broadband network for the period we will renting, and until the NBN is connected to our new home. I am hoping […]