2018 Is Coming

Hi all, Well I haven’t been very active over the last 12 months. However I plan to do better this coming year. I have ordered several products from Itead who have a very interesting range of products available at an amazingly low cost. Once they arrive I will test them, and write a review.At present […]

Adding eCommerce

Because I am now retired, I thought I would like to supplement my pension with a little beer money, so I thought I would add a shop to my site and see if I could sell a few things to make a little beer money. Well this has turned into quite a challenge. I searched […]

Crystal Replacement

Am I taking a crystal off a board to put a new one on as a repair. No! On boards with miniature surface mount components, a crystal is often the largest item on the PCB. If you are short on space or height, then the problem is compounded even more. To compound the problem if […]

Portable Power Supply Initial Tests

In my previous post, I gave you my thoughts on my desire for a portable power supply. Since then I have drawn up the circuit with Altium, and laid out the board.  My normal procedure from there is to leave the project alone for several weeks so that I have forgotten the fine detail. You […]