Adding eCommerce

Because I am now retired, I thought I would like to supplement my pension with a little beer money, so I thought I would add a shop to my site and see if I could sell a few things to make a little beer money. Well this has turned into quite a challenge. I searched […]

Crystal Replacement

Am I taking a crystal off a board to put a new one on as a repair. No! On boards with miniature surface mount components, a crystal is often the largest item on the PCB. If you are short on space or height, then the problem is compounded even more. To compound the problem if […]

Amusing Manuals

Amusing Manuals 04 Jan 2012 03:01 I am often amused by the wording in manuals of products from non English speaking countries, and this applies to European as well as Asian and other countries. I purchased a low cost wireless front door bell today to replace the aging one that I had. The front of […]

Latest try for WordPress

Well this is an experimental site for me to learn WordPress. Once I have this site up and running to my satisfaction I will move it over to my current site maccas-place. Well, I will publish this and see how I go.