2018 Is Coming

Hi all,
Well I haven’t been very active over the last 12 months. However I plan to do better this coming year. I have ordered several products from Itead who have a very interesting range of products available at an amazingly low cost. Once they arrive I will test them, and write a review.At present I am developing a home monitor and control system which is entered around MQTT which is a lightweight messaging protocol that will run on almost anything, and Node-RED which is Flow-based programming for the Internet of Things that I am running on a Raspberry Pi along with the MQTT . There are numerous places for information on the web, and I will add mine soon.

Node-RED provides a means to read data from many sources (including MQTT) and gives you a simple web based display so you are able to view the status of your various monitored points using just a web browser. I will start with a general description of my system next time.

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