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Because I am now retired, I thought I would like to supplement my pension with a little beer money, so I thought I would add a shop to my site and see if I could sell a few things to make a little beer money.

Well this has turned into quite a challenge. I searched the plug in for WordPress (WP) for a suitable shop plug in, and after searching for ‘shop’, I found I should be searching for ‘eCommerce’. Once I searched the right keyword, I found hundreds of plug ins. I tried several, and none of did what I wanted. They were all 5 star rated, and had several hundred thousand downloads, but still not quite right. Whilst searching I noticed lots of plug ins for the Woo Commerce plugin – who knew you would have a plug in to a plugin, if it was wall socket it would be regarded as dangerous. AnywayI downloaded ‘woo commerce’, and installed and activated it.

Woo Commerce looked as though it would do all I wanted, so I started setting it up. I appeared to be making good progress however there were some problems with the shop front display. I wondered if one of the previous plug ins I had installed and removed was affecting it. So I decided that rather than tear down and rebuild this site I would try on a completely new site. I had found whilst googling that I could use MAMP (Mac Apache MySql PHP) and install WP on top. I just happen to have a Mac Mini server not working too hard so I thought this will be good, the WP install will be on my local network, so it should be very responsive.

I found a set of instructions written by Raelene Wilson over on wpmudev with what seems to be a comprehensive set of instructions. I installed MAMP without any problem, however when it came to setting it all up to allow WP to be installed I struck a problem. After spending many hours trying to get it working – without success, I gave that idea up and decided to use a second live website that I have – it is not being used at present.

I set the website up exactly the same as this site with the same theme and a couple of blog posts from here. Then I installed Woo Commerce. It worked, but still with problems. After a little investigation I found that the theme I had chosen whilst not saying it was incompatible with Woo Commerce, did not say it was. I chose a new theme that said it was compatible with Woo Commerce, and bingo it all worked. Beauty I thought, I am on my way again. Alas this was not to be so.

When you install Woo Commerce The first thing you do is click a button to install the pages that Woo Commerce needs. Those pages were there, but it didn’t work properly, so I thought I will just delete the existing pages and reinstall them. That didn’t work either. So time to get a little heavier, this time i uninstalled Woo Commerce, deleted all the files, then did a fresh install. Drat it it still doesn’t work.

My plan now is to do a complete site on my other site, then delete this site and reinstall by importing from the other site. I will do a new blog in the near future, either with success, or more frustration.



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